Friday, November 11, 2005

Whither the Quay?

The sea horse does not look particularly happy and the faded sign says: "Warning and We Care". This image greets visitors to the Quay building. But the Sarasota Quay is on its last legs.

Soon the wrecking ball will start the transformation of the current, sad looking collection of buildings into a world-class, open air "Main Street" project featuring top-tier retailers, restaurants and cultural establishments, office and high-rise, luxury condominiums..... scheduled to open in 2008 , according to the advertisements.

Apparently there is still one holdout at the El Verona Condo site. Some delay may face the Irish American Partners that is redeveloping this central Sarasota property.

But some of Sarasota's history still resides here. The major player is the Belle Haven. Recent announcements have indicated it will remain on the site but will be moved 150 feet.

Everyone recognizes the "Splash" building, residents and visitors alike. The current sign saying "Summer Blowout, Everything must go" couldn't be more appropriate. Change happens.

The major Quay building has had a variety of occupants but is almost vacant as it awaits its demise.

The sea horses that decorate parts of the quay originally resided at the Lido Casino, itself a victom of the wrecking ball in the early 60's.

We hope someone cares about these sea horses and a prominent place can be found for them to spend the next few decades.


Anonymous said...

so i guess the quay is gone. bummer- i liked eating at nicks on the water.
great place!!

SOS1 said...

During the great speculation years of 2006-7 the Quay property was bought and the building was torn down in preparation for a billion dollar new mixed use development. Project, developer and bank all failed. Property now in foreclosure.

cheryl hullin said...

A testament to the Bubble insanity and mentality that The Quay was slated to be yet another condo/mix project. The Quay was a great place to meet up with friends for dinner at any one of its many fine restaurants,
or to hop or just stroll