Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sense of Place

We hear the phrase "Sense of Place" more and more these days. Lately it seems like the developers have co-opted the the phrase to add just another layer of promotion to their marketing arsenal.

Here is a description of "Sense of Place" that was printed in the Spring 2005 issue of FORUM - Magazine of the Florida Humanities Council, in an article by Janine Finver:

A “sense of place” is difficult to define, but you know it when you have it. It’s a term many of us first came upon while studying the works of William Faulkner or Thomas Hardy. But today the term is used by city planners, environmentalists, and civic and cultural leaders to describe the intimate connection that people can have with the place in which they live. It is an attachment to place that emerges through knowledge of its history and heritage, literature and lore, flora and fauna, geography and geology.

Along with that connection comes a sense of ownership and stewardship that will help us preserve and protect our cultural history, our historic places, and our natural environment.

This describes very well our feelings about "Sense of Place".

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