Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A View of the Metropolitan

On September 19, the City Commission reviewed a revised plan for the Metropolitan condo project (corner of US 41 and Gulfstream), currently a vacant lot. This agenda item indicated:

Public Hearing Re: Proposed Ordinance No. 05-4635, amending rezoning Ordinance No. 03-4489 and 04-4580 to reflect the approval and substitution of Site Plan 05-SP-18 for previously approved Site Plan 04-SP-31 pertaining to a residential condominium project known as The Metropolitan; increasing the enclosed parking for 65 additional vehicles and providing a larger pedestal to accommodate same and increased width through the latitudinal section of the building tower thus increasing the gross building area on property zoned Commercial Central Business District (CCBD) and located at one North Tamiami Trail...

Upon checking, it was learned that the "pedestal" surrounding the building consists of a 12 foot wall. When we asked planning why would a 12 foot wall be allowed when city code only allows a 6 1/2 foot wall or fence, the response was that this was just a revision to a previously accepted plan, it was a "pedestal" not a wall, and the developer had made some changes in the design of the facade so there would be inset places for plants.

This 12 foot wall, along US 41 and Gulfstream, will completely block any view at this significant intersection. We believe this is highly detrimental for this corner and it will completely destroy any sense of pedestrian friendliness or visual interest. This will be another design disaster in a string of problems downtown.

Driving or walking, the view will be a wall twice the height of the current chain link fence. Not a pretty view at all.

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