Saturday, November 12, 2005

Quay Vision Becomes Clearer

Today's SHT has an article about the plan for the Quay that has been filed with the city. At the left is the marketing rendition of the proposed development.

Previously Patrick Kelly, the developer, had indicated that a model he had in mind was the Grafton Street shopping area in South Dublin.

The latest plan for Sarasota apparently has changed from the original concepts floated more than a year ago.

According to the article the plan now indicates:

  • four 18 story condo buildings
  • 702 condos
  • a 136 room hotel
  • 2000 parking spots
  • 140,000 square feet of upscale shopping

The Multi Use Recreation Trail would ring the 15 acre site and be along the waterfront. The historic Belle Haven could become a restaurant.

Kevin McQuaid's article indicates that Kelly may be interested in tying together the Metropolitan property, the Ritz and his own project.

We hope the visionaries have put to rest any idea of resurrecting the idea of a convention center on the public Cultural District site. Earlier this year the concept of using the Cultural District land for a convention center was soundly rejected.

It will also be critical to understand the traffic implications of this massive redevelopment in the context of the Ritz development, the planned Metropolitan and the planned Cultural District. The traffic concurrency exception area will have to be re-examined in light of these plans, the current development boom in downtown Sarasota and the planned Pineapple Square development. Traffic implications must be addressed now.

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