Saturday, November 05, 2005

Letter to the Mayor

We receive comments and notes from time to time. Here is a recent e-mail; the author indicated we could post it on our blog.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

To: Ms. Mary Anne Servian - Mayor
City of Sarasota

RE: Proposed Arcades on Main Street

Dear Mayor Servian;

My reason for writing you is because this is an issue I hold very truly to heart, and by this I mean the proposal of placing arcades over the storefronts and uprooting our trees.

Mayor, I used to be employed at the Main Street Bistro as a host. You would not believe how many people I sat that requested to sit on the patio not only because of the beautiful weather we were having at the time, but because they told me they loved the sound of the birds as they flew from one tree to the other. I have sat guests from every corner of the world and all I heard was how beautiful this city is, especially Main Street. They said they loved to walk under the beautiful trees as they ventured from one boutique to another. Mayor, I could not even fathom the idea of replacing the beautiful "small town feel" with cold feeling arcades. Mayor, it was downtown Main Street that attracted me to this area and is why I chose to make Sarasota my home. Also Mayor, I strongly feel I am not alone on this important issue.

Mayor, I also had to laugh when I read in the Monday edition of the Sarasota Herald - Tribune, Mike Saewitz's column when he quoted a statement by Bruce Franklin, the president of the ADP Group;

" If you say arcades are bad, that's like saying the sky is falling, Don't show up and tell us what you don't like. It's incredulous to me. I hope our elected officials could discern between rabblerousing and legitimate input".

Mayor, this is so far from the truth. I bet if you put it to a vote right this minute and ask the citizens of this great city on whether they would prefer the natural beauty of the trees or the coldness, big city feel of the arcades, that over 95% would vote in favor of keeping the trees. Mayor, all I ask is to vote on what you feel that is in the best interest of the people who placed each city elected official in office in the first place. Please do not listen on what the developers feel is best for us.

Mayor, I think you for your time and just wanted to voice my opinion.


Daniel Zumbro

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