Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Entreprenurial Climate

Where are entrepreneurs migrating lately?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine they're moving where housing prices are low and the quality of life is high. At least the successful ones are.

"Entrepreneurial Hot Cities" are ranked on the number of companies that started 4 to 14 years ago and have at least five employees today and that company's job growth.

Naples and Ft Myers are ranked, but Sarasota is not to be found on this list.

According to the article, "... some Hot Cities feature low costs and rapid population growth. Others offer stable populations with excellent quality of life. Some Hot City economies rely on government and tourism, while others are supported by financial services and manufacturing. Communities that fared best tend to have pleasant climates, good universities and capacious airports."

There is some food for thought here as we try to diversify our local and regional economy. While our weather climate may be excellent, we may need to see if we can improve our "entrepreneurial climate."

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