Friday, September 16, 2005

A Signal of Apathy

"LIDO KEY — Sandra Danu stood in the heat outside Mote Marine Laboratory early Wednesday hoisting signs about threats facing the Gulf of Mexico and the people living along its rim.

“Are you satisfied now?” one read.

The sign was aimed at the high-level elected officials she expected to attend the Gulf of Mexico Alliance workshop, but only state and local agency staff showed up, said Danu, who was there representing the environmental group Save Our Sarasota.

Danu wanted to know if the officials were satisfied with a dying Gulf of Mexico, one threatened by red tide, declining fish stocks and dying sea turtles and marine mammals.

“We’re trying to have this message resonate up to the highest level where these meetings were initiated,” Danu said.

It couldn’t resonate at the local level."

That's because none (that's right none) of our local leaders attended. Read the entire story in the SHT.

The SHT also commented twice in editorials about this meeting. One commented on the health crisis and the need for funding to look for answers.

The other commented on the obvious lack of local leaders:

"The workshop's waterfront venue overlooked Sarasota Bay and downtown Sarasota. What it lacked was representation by elected officials of the city and county governments.

That sends a signal of apathy."

We all know that everyone here wants a healthy Gulf and Bay and we all realize their significance to our economy, commissioners included.

We would like to know why no commissioners, city or county attended this important event. We would welcome their comments.

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