Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Letter From Home

From time to time we receive letters from people and we post them on this blog. Here is a recent letter:

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

Please reconsider your decision to change the zoning in downtown Sarasota (Burns Court).

Please keep the 5 story cap on buildings.

I have lived and worked indowntown Sarasota for over eleven years, and though I welcome change, I feel you are destroying our pretty, little city. The noise and congestion are becoming overwhelming.

Most people come to this area for the sea, sun, and beautiful weather. With all the large, tall buildings going up, eventually you will block out the sun, blue skies, and fresh air. I'm afraid the congestion will become so bad that people will stop coming downtown, taking away business from myself and the small businesses I have come to love.

With Sarasota and Manatee counties growing outward as rapidly as they are, why would anyone want to drive into this city, fight traffic and parking problems, when they can get what they need right around the corner from their house. The people who live in the downtown district are not the only people who patronize this district. Please take in account everyone in both counties when reconsidering your decision.

Mr. Bilyeu - I voted for you because you came to my front door and asked me for my vote. (I still have your green/blue/white magnet on my refrigerator.) You told me you would work hard and do great things for me and this city.You are not keeping up your end of the bargain. If this new zoning stays in place and the out-of-control growth of this city continues, you will not have my vote again.

We don't need another New York or another Miami. What we need is our charming, small, personal, little Sarasota.

Thank you for your time,

Sarasota resident

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