Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Eagle Landing?

Today's SHT story about City Manager McNees being on a "top three" candidate list at Eagle, Colorado, is not a surprise, although new details are now known.

A check of the Eagle County website gives some information about the issues they face and the kind of manager they are looking for:

Eagle County residents are mindful of the impact of growth and development upon their natural resources and quality of life in this mostly rural mountain valley. At the same time, there is a natural tension because so many residents earn their livelihood from the thriving development of tourism. The linear expansion of resort, commercial and residential development along I-70 and the Eagle River contributes to changes in traffic and commuting patterns.

One of the issues gaining attention, for example, is the availability of affordable housing for a growing sector of service employees. Construction of new homes accounts for nearly half the employment base, and affordable housing is not proportionate to the growth in second homes. Second homes constitute about half the dwelling units in Eagle County.

Remind you of somewhere close by us?

Or maybe this upcoming resolution advertised on the website:

Resolution Authorizing the Adoption of a Temporary Moratorium on all Zone Change Applications that Would Result in More Residential Dwelling Units Per Acre than the Present Governing Zone District Allows, and all Zone Change Applications that Would Result in Commercial or Industrial Uses-by-Right on Property that is Presently Zoned for Agricultural or Residential Uses

Ah yes, growth problems, affordable housing, commuting traffic, seasonal, tourist economy, all of this this sounds quite familiar.

What does the County Administrator do in Eagle County? Check here for an impressive list of duties.

Finally, consider this interesting comment from their "position profile" for the administrator position:

The level of education and experience of many full- and part-time residents is high as is their record of entrepreneurial accomplishment. By many measures, this is part of the “creative class” given credit for much innovation, economic and cultural advancement nationwide. While this can be vexing sometimes to local officials, The Eagle County electorate can be a resource for the County to excel in new ideas, delivery of services and continued contributions to the high quality of life.

Vexing citizens. Hmmmm......

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