Sunday, September 11, 2005

Here And There

You might wander over to Joe Moraca's Blog . He's got some interesting comments about Walkable Neighborhoods.

Meanwhile at the City Managers Blog things are getting hotter. He writes:

Is it just me, or is it getting a little warm in here? First, I have to say we're getting pretty close to that civility line, attacks on employees or commissioners aren't really welcome. If there are personnel issues to be dealt with, I will certainly do so in the proper channels, of which a public blog is not one.

Allow me to make a suggestion to Mike - put some nice pictures on your blog, it will give it some diversity and make it more interesting! Maybe something like:

Check the Suncoast Blog for some news and "bright" commentary you might not normally see. Several people (including this writer) are contributing to this blog.

Another of Joe's blogs, Sarasota Neighborhoods, has some great neighborhood pictures and commentary. A friendly place to visit.

And there's the IBSSA Blog - an interesting commentary about one neighborhood in our fair city. West of the trail you know - it must be good.

There is lots of interesting commentary and graphics about life and politics in Sarasota. Check us out.

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