Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An Invitation

You are invited to a neighborhood conversation about Red Tide and the Gulf's dead zone hugging our coastline.

We have the longest running stretch of Red Tide, 10 months, and people have noticed. They care. They want to know more. They want to know what they can do. And since we've all contributed to this crisis, we can all do something about it.

And, we all want to know what city, county and state governments are doing and will be doing in the future to save the local waterways, Bay and Gulf. We all need to know more. Let's share what we do know. On this issue, the health of the Gulf of Mexico, we are all in the same boat.

Allan Horton, long time resident, naturalist and writer, has kindly accepted an invitation to moderate this discussion so we can blend the passion and the facts and point ourselves towards creative solutions and, hopefully, conservation and restoration of the water we love and enjoy. In fact, Sarasota wouldn't be Sarasota without this luscious, fertile resource. Please join in this important conversation which we expect will lead to more and larger public forums.

When & Where:
Metro Cafe on Osprey & Brother Geenan,
Thursday, September29 at 7 pm.

We're grateful to Betsy, owner of Metro, for offering the space.

Submitted by Jude Levy

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