Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Towing Zone

The historic Belle Haven Apartment building is soon to be moved. It is in the wrong "parking spot" and soon will be towed to its new location.

As part of the Quay redevelopment, now called Sarasota Bayside, this building will be moved about 200 feet to the north.

A lot has been scraped in preparation for the move.

Apparently one of the largest firms in the country that works in the field of moving buildings has been hired to do the job.

It should be quite an interesting process.

Here is what the building looks like today. It has been suggested that the new use will be a restaurant. Currently it serves as an office building, although not that many years ago it was still an apartment building.

We applaud the developer for finding a way to save this beautiful example of Sarasota's past and for going the extra mile (200 ft?) to actually save it.

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Anonymous said...

And thanks to the developers for another first...they are providing a model of their project.

It's still not too late for Pineapple Square to show the same respect for the community.