Wednesday, August 23, 2006

1350 Main Sins?

In the discussion/debate concerning the DeMarcay, frequent mention is made of the "sins of 1350 Main". These sins include disruption of the businesses that operate along Palm. They have seen less business during the construction of the 1350 Main project.

Yesterday was another down day for the merchants as the Palm Ave was closed along the 1350 Main frontage. Cars coming from the south had to turn around and find another way into downtown. Unhappy campers all around.


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't that have been done on a Sunday morning, when no stores would be impacted? Doesn't the city council or manager have any power to protect the rights of the current businesses and responsibility for the overall economic well-being of the city?

Anonymous said...

So why are the representatives of 1350 Main crying to the planning board that the DeMarcay construction will close down Palm Avenue and hurt the merchants (and, incidentally, the retail they hope to have in their building?)

It would seem that the time to start being considerate would have been yesterday, not with the next development that someone else owns.

Anonymous said...

To the person advocating Sunday construction to protect business owners rights ; what about the rights of downtown residents to enjoy one day of peace and quiet? The issue is using public right of ways to stage private development. This is wrong any day of the week.