Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More on School Ave Proposal

We are hearing rumors that Ron Burks and Steve Rees have been lobbying the city officials hard over the staff recommended denial of the School Ave project that proposes Downtown Mixed Use land use and Downtown Core zoning with building heights of 7-8 stories (proffered by the developers) immediately adjacent to residential, single family neighborhoods.

As indicated in a previous post, Burks missed another filing deadline and as a result a City Attorney and a number of other city staff indicated in a written memo that they "must recommend to the City Commission a denial of Application 05-PA-03 [School Ave proposal]..." The denial is based on not meeting the required timetable for public notification and required hearings.

Apparently some of the commissioners may be receptive to the lobbying in spite of the staff warning that if the resolution is passed it would be in violation of city ordinances - which city officials have sworn they would uphold. There is not much doubt that those in the Alta Vista neighborhood would file a legal challenge if the application is accepted.

One wonders how the commissioners could vote for the application in face of a city attorney indicating a legal challenge could be filed, as well as the unanimous recommendation by staff to deny this application.

A Pelican Press article about the issue is here.

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Matt K said...

Some of us, me included, sort of hope it does go to a legal challenge. Expose to a wider audience the true nature of our 'elected' officials. Any existing wrongdoings might finally be in the open.