Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Only if portions of Sarasota County are kept natural will future generations get to know and love a place of great character and beauty."

This endorsement comes from today's SHT editorial.

A related editorial makes a good case for arguing that land for affordable housing and saving environmentally sensitive land or urban park land are not mutually exclusive.

The Pelican Press also concurs, saying:

"Just as that beachfront bungalow is no longer within financial reach of the average resident, these sensitive lands are now threatened by increasing encroachment of development and rising land prices. The county needs to act swiftly to purchase and protect as much desirable property as possible before it disappears into new developments."

Save Our Sarasota also urges all county voters to go to the polls on Nov 8 (early voting is currently underway), and vote YES, YES. One Yes vote extends the current tax referendum for 10 years; the second YES vote allows some of the funds to be used for urban park land purchase.

For more information visit the Sarasota County Forever website.

[Picture is from the Sarasota County Forever website]

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