Monday, October 10, 2005

Exploring on Columbus Day

Sarasota has a very unique facility. G WIZ is recognized nationally as a world class science and technology center.

It is also well known for the unique architecture.

Exploring the world of science and technology can be a wondrous experience. And it is not limited to kids.

An article about science museums tells us:

The role of playing and exploring with objects and ideas as part of the learning process is an important but often overlooked feature of education. The playful atmosphere of science centers leads many people to think of them as places only for children.

But play is a serious matter in science education. It leads to the development of skills in observation and experimentation and the testing of ideas, and it provides an opportunity to independently discover order in nature. Behavioral studies, in addition to indicating the importance of play in developing creativity and learning skills, give support to the idea that the manipulation of objects, as well as sketching and drawing, actually helps the brain think creatively about problems. By providing a garden of rich and relatively unrestricted examples of natural phenomena and technological props, a museum can create a play ground of science that helps develop the fundamental experiences necessary for later learning.

In a museum, where the age and background of the visitors are incredibly diverse, one quickly realizes that the range of knowledge of the visitors is immense. Not only do visitors have many different and disparate world views of nature, they have differing amounts of formalized instruction in science. The visiting public ranges from a six-year-old child to a PhD physicist. In fact, the same family group may include both.

The next time you feel like exploring, and you are limited to Sarasota, take a trip to G WIZ. You will find many wondrous exhibits that will stretch your mind and leave you feeling exhilarated. Don't wait until the next time Columbus Day comes around.


Stan Zimmerman said...

We in the Alta Vista neighborhood are in the early stages of creating a blog and web page to keep ourselves informed. I want to ask, who takes your photos? I see no credit lines, but in the past week you are posting dynamic, colorful pix with intensity, passion and serenity. Who is your pixel magician? s/Stan Zimmerman

SOS1 said...

Thanks for your kind words. All the local pictures I take myself (sometimes I do a little "picture smithing"). If I "borrow" a picture from an internet site I try to credit the source. Occasionally someone submits a picture that I use, and I usually indicate that.

Dick Clapp

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mr. Zimmerman...great pictures and great blog.