Tuesday, October 11, 2005

City Manager To Stay in Sarasota

Mike McNees posted the following on his blog late this afternoon:

Many of you have heard recently that I had been included in a group of three finalists competing for a County Administrator's position in Eagle, Colorado. Early this morning I notified the people in Eagle that I was no longer a candidate for that position.


Sarasota Secret Society Blogger said...

I have been in similar situations on non-profit boards and government agencies, where our employment searches tended to be much more "public". The process puts these applicants in a higher-risk situation than job-seekers in private industry. Their current boss knows they are in the job market, possibly adding to the employer's concern about the loyalty of the employee. The job-seeker is in a very awkward situation if they are not selected for the new job and must stay at their current job.

My suspicion is that Eagle, Colorado discreetly let Mr. McNees know that he would not be the finalist, and allowed him to withdraw his application before they had to make a public announcement. That way he was able to save face (and some allegiances) by explaining things on his own terms.

On the other hand, maybe he is learning and is sincere in his comments. In the mean time, he knows he's in a "fish bowl", and needs to continue building and strengthening relationships with those he works with and for.

I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

McNess says he is staying because he has things to finish here. Does that mean he will leave when he is finished? I hope he tells us what those things are so we can help him get them done.
Sarasota needs to move onto Livin the life we are used to and cherish.