Thursday, October 27, 2005

Conversations With Ken

Commissioner Ken Shelin hosted a couple forums today - "What are the possibilities for assuring accountability in the City of Sarasota government?"

About 20 people attended the morning session and about 35 in the afternoon.

Keith Fitzgerald, New College Political Professor facilitated the afternoon session - the one I attended.

Attendees were primarily active members of the community that have a high level of commitment to our city.

The starting premise was that there is much discontent within Sarasota about how our city works. The attendees were asked to think about the questions:
  • What is the next step for making things better?
  • What are the problems?
  • What kind of solutions are possible?

A variety of issues and possible solutions were discussed. A common theme was the lack of discussion forums, "Town Hall" type gatherings to discuss vision, issues and solutions in an informal way (less "threatening" than a public hearing on TV).

I posted a more complete summary on Suncoast Blog.

Another session will be held on Sunday, Oct 30 at Sudakoff from 2-4 PM. If you are interested let Ken know.

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