Thursday, October 20, 2005

Architectural Vision

The recent Sarasota Manatee Business Magazine has an article about "the new architects."

The architects interviewed believe density, affordability and sustainability are as important as aesthetics. It is also noted that this group does not favor more Mediterranean Revival.

Some comments from the article:

Eva Schone (Carl Abbott): favorite commercial building is the new Sarasota Herald-Tribune building on Main. "I hope we’re going to look like a 21st century area and not a duplication of a romanticized past."

Javi Suarez (ADP Group): would like "Sarasota architecture to have a charm of its own, a more contemporary style, something that talks about the here and now, and uses climate in design". Favorite building is the Center for Digestive Diseases on the South Trail.

Cathy Maurer (Bowen Architecture): her vision for Sarasota "That development would slow down. Its going to be a real problem in the future.

Arif Abdulla (TOTeMs): Favorite building is the historic Court House on Main. Vision for Sarasota is that we have plurality. That we not adhere to one style. That we have public involvement and we incorporate green design.

We all know of Sarasota's renown for the "Sarasota School of Architecture". We have all heard the complaints about the over use of Med Rev.

A recent SHT article told the story of Guy Peterson's latest design, the Girl Scouts of the Gulfcoast's new headquarters. This picture is from that article (Rod Millington photo).

Sarasota has a diverse architectural group and many new commercial and residential buildings are showing great distinction. These architects are building on our past and the newest members are continuing the tradition.

Here's a personal favorite on in the downtown scene - the Dale Park's designed bus transfer station. After all the discussion and controversy before construction, now we can see the result of excellent design connected with a unique vision.

We applaud the uniqueness and diverse vision these architects are bringing to our community.

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