Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reader Request

From a reader:

I am an avid reader of your blog and find the postings on the blog to be extremely informative. I am writing you to see if you could mention our issue on your website and possibly link to our website with information on our problem. Sarasota County is trying to make an access road from the Knights Trail Landfill to Clark Road. This proposed road would enter Clark Road near the entrance to Saddle Creek.

Sarasota County informed only select communities east of I-75, which means that not everyone was notified regarding the proposed road. As far as we can tell owners in Myakka Valley Ranches and Gator Creek were not notified about the public meetings being held by the county.

This change would affect all communities in the Clark Road Corridor between I-75 and Myakka State Park as well residents along Bee Ridge Extension. This includes: Myakka Valley Ranches, The Forest at Hi Hat, Saddle Oak Estates, Saddle Creek, Gator Creek, Misty Creek, Timberland, East Lake, The Preserve at Heron Lake, Serenoa and many others.

While opening this proposed road to regular traffic would certainly be of benefit to land developers in South Sarasota County, it would be bad for Clark Road residents. Below are just a few of the reasons people should attend the public meeting on Monday October 30, 2006 at Twin Lakes Park and tell the county NO:

  • Dangerous. 200 to 400+ garbage trucks weighing in excess of 40,000 pounds would be traveling on this precarious two lane road which will certainly result in increased accidents and fatalities.
  • Bad for the surrounding environment. These garbage trucks will be traveling through land that is identified as environmentally sensitive.
  • Decreased property values. Traffic jams and hundreds of 40,000 pound garbage trucks will certainly decrease the desirability and property value of all neighborhoods along Clark Road.
  • Longer Commute Times. An additional traffic light on Clark Road for the proposed access will add to longer commutes for Clark Road communities.
  • Far too costly. Sarasota County projects usually cost far more than early estimates (e.g.: Riverview High School Renovation).
  • More developments. The proposed road will open the door for more developments. Bad for Clark Road neighborhoods, good for South County Land Developer's.


We would appreciate any link or information you could post on your blog regarding this proposed road.

Thank you,
Clark Road Resident

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