Thursday, October 26, 2006

Free Plants at Garden Club

The Sarasota Garden Club is having their annual PlantShare event this Saturday - Oct 28, from 9 to 12.

The Garden Club members will be giving free plants to anyone that visits the event. There is no charge for this and you can get free advice how to plant and care for you new plants! This is a deal you cannot pass up.

You can also wander around their beautiful grounds while you are there. Why not take this opportunity learn a bit about the Sarasota Garden Club and add some greenery to your yard?

The Garden Club is located at the corner of 41 and Blvd of the Arts in Sarasota.


Anonymous said...

We live on Indian Beach drive in Sarasota and the huge oak canopy makes our neighborhood extremely beautiful. One of the homes in our neighborhood is for sale and the couple bidding on it wants to cut down the live oaks on the property. What can we do to stop this.

Spud said...

Hey there oak canopy,

Call: the police 316-1199 and

Sarasota City Manager 954-4102