Monday, October 23, 2006

Environmental Forum - All Invited

Sarasota County's Department of Health has been sponsoring a series of Environmental Health Forums. One will be held this week on Wednesday Oct 25 at the Waldemere Fire Satation.

These forums are designed to seek citizen input on environmental issues that are affecting health of residents and visitors. This is an opportunity for everyone to give their input early in the process. The process is titled "PACE EH", an acronym for "Protocal for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health."

The process is designed to improve decision making by taking a collaborative community-based approach to solving environmental health concerns of the community.

The PACE EH Sarasota Coastal Communities team consists of a diverse mixture of government employees, citizens, non-profit organizations, environmental groups and educational institutions.

The community identifies environmental health issues to be addressed by the PACE EH team.

The goal of the process is to allow the voice of the community to be heard and response to be given in the form of action plans. Together, we can protect and preserve the environmental health of our coastal communities.

For more information, check their website.

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