Wednesday, October 04, 2006

City Meetings Available on Your Computer

From S-2, the daily business e-news report:

City of Sarasota gets high-tech: The Sarasota City Commission has put video of all of its archived public meetings online. Meetings will be available online within 24 hours and you don’t have to watch a whole meeting to get to the part that interests you – you can simply scroll through the online agenda, click on the agenda item that interests you, and go right to that portion of the meeting. An extensive key word search is available, as well as closed captioning. Check it by going to and click on “Watch Live and Archived Meeting Video.”

This streaming video has been available for a couple months and it works well. Having the archived videos available is a tremendous resource.

We thank the city officials for making this available. We especially thank City Clerk Billy Robinson, and his department, for actively pursuing this and making it happen.

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