Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SOS Opposes the Proposed Quadrupal Density Bonus Plan

City Commission Meeting
Thursday, September 7, at 6 PM
City Hall

This Thursday the City Commissioners will vote on a density bonus plan that will dramatically increase allowable densities in the bayfront, downtown and some neighborhoods in exchange for the developer providing 10% of the units in a price range affordable to those making 60-120% of median household income ($33,500 - $67,100).

The 10% requirement for affordable units is a low figure relative to other areas throughout the country. Further, the city's consultant had no successful model on which to base this plan.

In the bayfront and downtown, densities would quadruple from 50 units per acre to 200 units. In some neighborhoods, the increase would be from 25 to 50 units.It is important that citizens understand the ramifications this increased intensity of development will have on our traffic, water and sewer systems, environment and on our quality of life.

The city Planning Board voted 5 - 0 to reject this plan. As one Board member said, "There isn't enough bang for the buck." A summary of their lively deliberations can be viewed on SOS's blog.

However, the City Commission voted in April to take the next steps toward implementation and will have a final public hearing and vote on Thursday evening.

Affordable housing must be one of our city's and county's highest priorities. We support all well-conceived plans to achieve this goal. The current density bonus plan does not qualify for this support. We strongly urge you to attend the Commission meeting on September 7th at 6:00 PM in the City Commission chambers to participate in this important discussion.

SOS Steering Committee

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