Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More on Models

For many months Save Our Sarasota has urged the City Planning staff to require models for large development projects.

Recent models that have been available include the Cultural District proposal, the DeMarcay proposal .

Above is a recent picture of an extensive model of downtown Denver.

Sarasota Bayside (Quay) has constructed an excellent model of their proposed site. They will display it at the September 20 DRC meeting with city staff.

After that it will be displayed for the puiblic. We hope to post a picture at that time.

The Sarasota Bayside model is much more impressive than the pictured Denver model. The Sarasota Bayside model does give anexcellent view of the relationship of the new buildings within the existing built environment.

It is too bad that Pineapple Square did not provide a model before the hearings on their project.

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