Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sarasota Bayside (Quay) Model

Today's SHT business section has a nice picture of the Sarasota Bayside (Quay) project model. The model is quite impressive. The story indicates that it will be available for public viewing at a Neighborhood Workshop that has yet to be scheduled.

Benderson's project on Main is starting its way through the development process with a site plan, major conditional use request (3 bank drive throughs), and a street vacation request (Adelia St) at the next Planning Board meeting. Also soon to be coming back will be the 18 story DeMarcay proposal.

Both of these projects should have a model like Sarasota Bayside has produced. A model showing the proposed building in the surrounding environment.

The Sarasota Bayside people indicated their model cost approximately $15,000. While this is a significant sum of dollars, its not going to break the bank. It would be really nice if major projects were required to have such a model as part of the development process.

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