Monday, May 15, 2006


Black Monday was mourned by 175 residents of Sarasota on Monday night.

These citizens mourned the loss of their voice as the city commissioners no longer listen to the voters who elected them... commissioners who were elected to represent the citizens of Sarasota.

The protest was organized by the Alta Vista and Laurel Park neighborhoods, but many neighborhoods were represented in the protest. Lido Key, St Armands, IBSSA, Bayou Oaks, Hudson Bayou, Central Cocoanut, Tahiti Park, Terrace Gardens, Janie Poe Residents Association, Gillespie Park, Downtown Condo Association and others joined in the protest.

Protesters wore black and many covered their mouths with black tape symbolizing the loss of their voice. After gathering by the Jack Cartlidge sculpture "Nobody's Listening" the protesters marched around city hall carrying protest signs. Commissioner Bilyeu was interviewed by a radio announcer in the midst of sign waving protesters.

The protesters then silently marched into city hall chambers about 5 minutes after the evening session opened, stayed about 25 minutes then silently marched out.


Jean Andre Vallery said...

Please spread the word for us.

"Ride of Silence" Sarasota

This will take place on May 17th at 7 pm . Arrive at 6:45 pm for instructions Speed limit recomended is 12 mph on the road and on the sidewalk.

Updated info is available on the Sarasota Generic Bicycle e-zine which is Jean Andre Vallery's blog - who started the ball rolling in Sarasota and registered the ride.

Reference to what the ride is about can be located at

It isn't a organized ride. This is a normal ride that is done in complete silence to remember the fallen bicycle riders in our area as well as the riders in the USA and the world. (also the survivors of accidents who are still riding).

The starting point will be , Start at Marina Jack's parking lot, north on U.S.41 to University Parkway, right on University Parkway. Split off to the right onto DeSoto Road, and then right onto U.S. 301. South to Fruitville Road and turn right onto Fruitville. Take that over to U.S. 41 and then south back into Marina Jacks's Parking Lot. This produces an approximately 9-mile route.

Riders should show up at least 15 minutes early, if possible, to be issued black or red armbands and to be given instructions on how to use arm signals instead of talking.

Matt K said...

Great showing by everyone. Wish I could have made it (out of town for business).
Was there any reaction during the session? What did Bilyeu have to say for himself on the radio as his own constiuency railed around him?

greg said...

He was quoted in the newspaper as saying that "every time there is a vote there are some people who like it and some people who don't like it. Those who don't like it say they weren't listened to."

That's the easy way of avoiding the issue everyone's been talking about...process. Would you say he is not listening?

It is insulting to everyone who participated in the rally.

mysarasotatoo said...

Congratulations to all who organized the rally. And in just a week! Really impressive, and hope the commissioners realize the depth of citizen disappointment and dissatisfaction.

dennis said...

We always know how Danny will vote, but Ken...we all remember what you said about neighborhoods when you were campaigning.