Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Burns Court

Burns Court is a small section of downtown Sarasota that is a real gem. Located a couple blocks south of Five Points, where Orange and Pineapple converge, it is a walkable, friendly, interesting area that is a visual treat. Historical buildings, neat and trim landscape with trees and "human scale" make this very pedestrian friendly. The unique shops, art cinema and restaurants can keep you engaged for a delightful morning, afternoon or evening.

Denise Kowal, building owner, proprietor and community leader is working to increase Burns Court's visibility and unique character.

A recent project is inlaying decorative mosaics in the sidewalk, giving this area a new twist of character.

Fanciful designs including stars and undersea looking creatures make you look down at the art work.

Denise is part way through her project and has several new sections of sidewalk targeted for the next installment.

Take a walk around and enjoy the offerings in this unique area.

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denise kowal said...

Hello Dick:

Thank you for your post on Burns Square. I installed another dozen mosaics last week, including my favorite which is an octopus. I enlisted the help of a friend, Randy Lasalle-Fox, who does mosaics for a living. I can tell you it was very enjoyable to make the decorations for the sidewalk and the permits needed are fairly easy and inexpensive to get. I hope this encourages others think of ways they can improve their sidewalks when they need replacing.