Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hurricanes, Gators and Speculators - Oh My

Larry Evans column Sunday scored a fine point. In discussing the issue of college sport team mascots and the political correctness of the names he said:

Athletic teams at Florida State University might be forced to drop the use of "Seminoles" and become the "Fire Ants," the "Red Tide," the "Raging Armadillos" or some other nickname that reflects Florida's fauna, flora, weather or contemporary culture. "Gators" and "Hurricanes" are already taken, of course, and it's hard to imagine that any fleet-footed wide receiver would want his chest emblazoned with the word "Speculators" or "Developers."

Shows you what are worst fears are coming to be - hurricane, gator, speculator, developer or maybe even "lawyer"? What happy thoughts we have here in paradise.

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