Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dolphin Time

We think the commissioners did the right thing by pausing in their pursuit of parking. More thought, and consideration of a measured move (as opposed to a speculative mad dash) is required when the stakes are this high. It is always risky to make decisions in a tight time frame, particularly when options exist but have not been thoroughly explored.

The commissioners did the right thing and we applaud them.

Now let's hope that the parking "need" is for real - public input on the parking master plan will help determine this. At some point the commissioners really need to look at public transportation options as a way to prevent cars from choking downtown as well as making downtown a truly pedestrian friendly environment.

There are excellent trolley systems available that could be utilized in the "downtown - cultural district - St Armands - bayfront" loop. In the long run this might make much better sense for the entire community than more concrete parking garages downtown.

The SHT story covers the details of the Dolphin decision.

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