Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How Are We Doing? - A Continuing Saga

A letter to the editor by Ian Black revives the discussion about Sarasota's form of government. His letter was apparently prompted by recent events concerning some commissioners' criticism of the city manager's performance and other commissioners' reaction as to the appropriateness of the timing for this. The timing of Mr. Black's comments is excellent and his comments are appropriate.

The Tiger Bay Club's next program also targets this and related issues:

AHOY City Hall !
Sink or swim City of Sarasota !
Who is going to send you a life line?
Would an elected Mayor provide the anchor you need or should the County come to the rescue?
Mayoral form of Government or Consolidation?

Nora Patterson, County Commissioner
Kerry Kirschner, Executive Director Argus
Wayne Poston, Bradenton Mayor
Mary Anne Servian, City Commissioner

Recent events are bringing this discussion back to the forefront. The Tiger Bay discussion should be interesting - we hope they don't hold back. Tell us what you really think!

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