Sunday, July 17, 2005

Shrouded Future?

Noticed this yesterday. The Belle Haven Apts is under wraps!

I immediately thought this must be some sort of sign. Is the future of the Belle Haven Apts being considered today, is something happening that needs to be hidden from the public, what is going on here?

This obviously needed to be researched immediately - and we are known for our persistent and thorough research. So, with a calm, cool and collected determination, I drove up to the building, got out of the car with my digital camera in hand and started my research. Not one to jump to conclusions, I began with a close inspection and quickly uncovered the truth.

It seems that all the recent attention concerning the future of this historical gem has bugged the owners. In order to clear any doubt, it was obviousley necessary to take drastic action. It's current ruby-like appearence is not to be considered as a reference to it's precious place in our historical landscape, nor does the shroud like wrap indicate a dead body (at least not yet).

No, the truth is 1-800 Terminix. We trust this action will keep the Belle Haven Apts healthy for many years to come so that future Sarasota visitors may appreciate it as much as we do. Sometimes you need to look at the fine print to uncover the truth.

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Anonymous said...

the belle haven will be moved about 200 ft north at some point.