Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sampling the Local Flavor

Here’s an original idea. "Sarasota Originals," the group of restaurants listed below, are all local suncoast establishments. They have banded together to promote the fact that they are unique and local. While this is part of a marketing campaign (trying to compete against the chain restaurants) it carries a larger message - these and other local businesses make up the unique fabric of Sarasota (and nearby communities).

During the summer doldrums, these businesses struggle as many of their clientele head north for a cool time. Why not help our local businesses by patronizing them and supporting their unique place in our community. Many of these restaurants have summer specials as an added bonus. Get to know them, they live here and are likely to be neighbors and friends.

This list, of course is not exhaustive. There are many neighborhood establishments as well as local businesses that are not part of this marketing venture. But by seeking out our local flavor, we will help insure they remain for a long time into the future. Help keep Sarasota's unique, local flavor.

15 South
Bayou Bleu
Beach House
Bijou Café
Blasé Café
Broken Egg
Café Baci
Café L'Europe

Café on the Bay
China Palace Express
Colony Restaurants
Crow's Nest

Euphemia Haye
Galileo Ristorante


Harry's Continental
Hillview Grill

Jonathan's/Smokin' Martini
Latitude 23.5 Coffee and Tea
Lynches Pub & Grub
Manhattan Bar & Grill
Marie's Italian Kitchen

Mattison's City Grille
Mattison's Siesta Grille
Mattison's Steak House
Maureen's Palm Grille


Michael's On East

Selva Grill
Siesta Key Oyster Bar
Silver Cricket
Sun House Restaurant &

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