Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pineapple Place

More than 10 years ago, Kevin Perry bought this historic building at 127 Pineapple and made it into a wonderful little antique and interior decorating shop. It is another of the unique, small shopping experiences that give downtown Sarasota its "sense of place."

It seems that Mr Perry’s wonderful shop is in the middle of the acquisition site being touted as Pineapple Square. Also Mr. Perry is adamant that he will not sell to the Pineapple Square developers. He loves his shop, has put much effort into the business over the years and has kept the historical building true to its roots and maintained it well.

Apparently the Pineapple Square developers have put significant pressure on him to sell, indicating they would build around and over him. Yet he resists.

This building was built in 1925 and is listed as a historical resource on the Florida Master Site File. Originally it was a plumbing shop, then in 1934 it became the home of the Sarasota Tribune. It is described as being Mediterranean revival style and it retains the integrity of design, both important criteria for historical resources.

But mostly it is a wonderful shop that should remain part of Sarasota’s sense of place. Is the greater good served by stepping aside while an upscale shopping center removes all traces of our past? We believe it is better to push back and say the greater good is best served by allowing the unique Sarasota places to continue their long established and productive existence.

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lisanne garrett said...

i visited your shop and made purchases and had them shipped to my home in oklahoma...the building is lovely and the charm and integrity of the site is wonderful i am so glad you went to the trouble to fight for your little corner in sarasota....