Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Super Majority - An Idea That Resonates

Stan Zimmerman, president of the City Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, said he was thinking about that project when he proposed requiring a super majority in the city. The neighborhood group unanimously approved the concept earlier this month.

"It seemed to be an idea that had some resonance," Zimmerman said. "Something about it feels right to me."

An article in todays SHT describes commissioner reaction to this concept when CCNA inanimously voted to ask the commissioners to enact this requirement.

Bill Earl, who heads the group, Citizens For Sensible Growth was quoted:

"When you have these important issues, you really ought to have a consensus," said Bill Earl, chair of the Citizens for Sensible Growth in Sarasota County, the group collecting signatures [to place the issue on a county referendum ballot]. "Going for the extra vote sets a higher standard."

It is a pleasant change to have the commissioners listen to the citizens.

Now, if we can change the City Charter to require the super majority for comprehensive plan changes, it could not be rescinded by a split (3 to 2) vote. Instead, it would take a voter referendum.

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