Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year From Sarasota

The downtown merchants worked hard to bring a big party to Main & Lemon in downtown Sarasota.

Quit a few people ( several thousand) showed up to cheer in the New Year.

Three bands, several Budweiser filling stations, food vendors and purveyors of light trinkets kept the crowd happy and festive.

A brightly lit "orange" was hung from a construction boom (fitting?) and a small blimp with a camera for overhead views rounded out the scene.

At near the stroke of midnight, the orange descended about 50', or so, while Commissioner Mary Anne Servian and SSN 6 Sports Announcer, Anwan Smith, counted down to a local TV audience.

The merchants, sponsors and festive party goers all had a good time. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

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