Monday, December 11, 2006

Ringling Museum Opens Education/Conservation Center

Over the weekend the Ringling Museum hosted an open house at its newest building, the Education / Conservation Building. This new building adds space for classes, the library, the conservation lab, the vault and much needed office space.

Public tours of the new building were held over the weekend. The building looks nice and the views from inside are spectacular.

While the conservation lab and the vault are "industrial" looking, they obviously fulfill the needed function for which
they were designed.

According to the tour leaders and Dr. Wetenhall, this building provides state of the art vault (critical, since the Museum is located near Sarasota Bay, and in hurricane country) storage for the museum's collection as well as provides arguably the best conservation lab in North America.

Next up for the Museum: an opening in early spring of the new exhibition wing.
Added note - based on the comment below, the Education/Conservation Building is on the south side of the Museum Complex, mostly on what would be considered New College property. It is sited west of the Sainer Pavilion. A map show the location.


Anonymous said...

This seems to be an unfortunate wall between the long, graceful lawn that used to be the entrance to the Cad'zan -- as though an alien dropped a meteorite from the sky that just happened to land there. Wrong building, wrong place.

I don't imagine they'll film any more Paltrow movies here with this as the backdrop.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how this is on the South Side, New College Property location of the Museum -- it's north of the museum and directly West of the grand entrance to the Cad'Zan.

While the building is lovely, modern, home to our old Asolo, has flat-screens reminiscent of new-age Hong Kong scene -- it seems out of place for that necessary slow entrance down the long, windy road - under the banyons, escaping the insanity of life to enjoy a moment of the peace created in Sarasota by 2 of our visionary founders, the Ringlings. The building seems to be an amputation of sorts, then.

If there's one redeeming characteristic -- it's of all the glass that faces west to the lawn -- and as soon as you enter from the parking lot, at least your eyes are already leaving the building as well.