Friday, December 15, 2006

Arcades Revisited - A Letter

From Dec 10 issue of SHT (letter to editor):

Impact of missing sidewalk air rights is shocking

I have lived here since 1950. I went to school, married and raised my family here, and I have always loved Sarasota. My wife's family moved here in 1932 and had a store right next to Ernest Smith and Sears and Roebuck in downtown Sarasota.

Last weekend I went to watch the Christmas parade with my daughter and grandchildren at the corner of Main Street and Palm Avenue, and was I shocked to see a building that was over the public sidewalk on both streets.

Question: Who gave away our air rights to the 1350 Main project?

I hope people know which city commissioners to blame so we can be sure not to vote for them if they seek re-election.

Raymond Shmalo

Note: the arcade and public space over the side walk has been one of the major issues that SOS has taken a position on. We also believe this was a mistake and as a result worked hard to get the use of arcades over public sidewalks removed from the city code.

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