Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Listen or Not...

Palm Beach County's planning director told county commissioners Monday that he and his staff would not "compromise our professional integrity" by supporting commission development plans with which they disagree.

This is the lead paragraph from a story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The story about sending a plan proposal to the DCA continues:

"First of all, it makes us look ridiculous, because we've approved something and you sent up all the reasons we shouldn't have," Commissioner Mary McCarty said. "I think it puts us in a very bad light. ... You need to take out and reword staff's part of it, to support what the commissioners are saying when they're making their votes."

Maybe the question should be why have a staff if no one listens. In a council - manager form of government the concept is that professional staff are hired to make sure issues are well researched and presented fairly. When there is pressure to disregard the staff findings, then staff is not needed. This would be something other than a council- manager form (dictator?).

Have we ventured down this road in Sarasota in some of our decisions?

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