Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Walk in the Park - Laurel Park

With the discussion about Selby Five Points Park fresh in everyone's minds, a view of this gem of a park, within walking distance of downtown, might be helpful. If you haven'e walked around Laurel Park, on Laurel Ave., stroll over and enjoy a little "WOW factor".

This park is smaller than Selby Five Points Park yet is a gorgeous bit of green space.


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Anonymous said...

But is it really smaller than 5 points...that's hard to believe.

SOS1 said...

Todd Kucharski (Public Works) has indicated that Selby Five Points Park is 0.61 acres and Laurel Park is 0.50 acres.

[A lucky guess on my part..., although after having walked around both parks a number of times, my inclination was that Laurel Park was smaller.]