Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sarasota School Board Votes to Demolish Historically Significant Buildings

Once again an elected body in Sarasota has chosen to take a narrow view and vote to demolish one of Sarasota's few remaining significant historical structures.

Tonight the Sarasota School Board voted 5-0 to demolish the Riverview school, including the Paul Rudolph designed buildings.

Fourteen members of the community, including architects John Howey, Joe King, Carl Abbott, Guy Peterson and Mark Smith, spoke about the need for saving this building, the belief that the buildings could be incorporated into the new campus design without loss of construction time, without sacrificing student security or costing more money.

It was apparent that the school board did not want to extend any additional time to look at the suggestions made by the Rudolph supporters. The school board wanted to make a decision and put this behind them.

A final decision on the design cannot be made in any case, since the state Dept of Education has not given permission to demolish recently constructed buildings that are "in the way" of the new design.

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