Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another View

Joan Altabe, former architecture critic for the SHT, is writing for the Bradenton Herald. Her latest column comments on Sarasota's "big sculpture debate".

A thought provoking comment from her column:

Which raises another question in need of discussion. Should a town [Sarasota] that calls itself an art town fund a replica? Not that anyone should be surprised by the desire to replicate. Outdoor sculpture signaling Sarasota's two leading art institutions are duplications: The Ringling Museum copy of Florence, Italy's "David"' by Michelangelo, and the Ringling School of Art and Design's knock off of New York's "Cube" by Isamu Noguchi. Unaccountably, both art institutions use these replicas as emblems for themselves.

Then there is Sarasota's architecture, which offers one replica after another of Addison Mizner's Mediterranean mish-mash, which put Palm Beach on the proverbial map, not Sarasota.

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