Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tree Memorial for Janice Green

Dear Save Our Sarasota supporter,

We sadly lost our SOS founder, Janice Green, on February 7, 2009, after a long illness.

Janice asked us to plant a black olive tree in Bayfront Park in her memory. Her first SOS project was saving the black olive trees on Main Street.

We are working with the City through their Legacy Tree and Bench Program to fulfill Janice's wish. The cost to purchase and plant a tree plus install a memorial plaque is $500. If enough funds are collected, a second tree will be planted.

If you would like to join in this tribute to Janice, please send a check payable to the Sarasota City Parks Foundation, specifying that it is for the Janice Green Memorial Tree Fund to:

Sarasota City Parks Foundation
1900 Main Street, Suite 301
Sarasota, FL 34202

All contributions are tax deductible.

In approximately six weeks when the City is ready to schedule the planting, invitations to the celebration of Janice's life and her contributions to a better Sarasota will be sent.

Thank you for your participation in Save Our Sarasota.


SOS Steering Committee

P.S. If you would like information about the City's program to memorialize friends and family with trees and benches in public parks, you may contact Nancy Kelly with the City at 954-2612.

For information about the Parks Foundation, contact Dr. Larry Miller, Chair, at 504-2774.

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