Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cutting down nature to save nature

Here is a nice large pine tree in Laurel Park. It no longer exists.

Seems the developer of the property has a plan for a house with solar panels on the roof. The pine tree was deemed to be a hiderance as it would shade the solar panel.

Removal was the only option.

Thus nature was cut down and removed so we could save the planet....

[A similar action in California sparked worldwide attention recently.]


Jono said...

Slash Pine growth rates vary considerably, but we have found local trees that size that were over 200 years old.

We need to get more creative when it comes to solving solar access problems. Sure the panels need to be on a sunny roof, but does it have to be that roof?

Perhaps a neighbor with good solar exposure would have agreed to place the panels on his or her roof for the amount of money it cost to cut down and remove that sizable pine??

Jono Miller

Anonymous said...

I think we should protect the environment in any way we can. however, you are a hypocrite. I am certain you were not trying to save the trees as developers were building your home.

SOS1 said...

My house is a 50 year old cinder block structure. True, some wood was used. But I wasn't around to protest removal of a tree. I also didn't protest this removal. I only commented on the situation.

The most sustainable approach would be to re-use existing homes - not tear them down.

9:05 PM