Saturday, February 10, 2007

North Lido - A Lasting Legacy

Laura Sperling has written another excellent column - this time about a really special place in Sarasota. She writes:

I walked back to the shore, where stillness reigned and a local Audubon club observed the skittering sandpipers. It is this side of North Lido -- improbably remote despite its locale in the heart of condo country -- that made it such a family favorite. I can't objectively state that it's superior to South Lido Park, the environmentally vital acreage whose earlier public acquisition is a story for another day. But with South Lido's crowds and boats and barbecue grills and cars, it has a different character entirely.

To my untrained eyes, today's North Lido -- which like many beaches has seen controversial "renourishment" over the decades -- looks broader and healthier than in the past.

North Lido is a wonderful, natural beach. It gives me a vision of what Florida beaches used to be like.

Take a moment to read her column and learn a bit about how this great space came to be preserved for all of us.

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