Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saving Rudolph

There is a nice article about Sarasota's Martie Lieberman in the on-line Metropolis Magazine.

An enlightened real estate broker lovingly restores a Paul Rudolph house with the goal of preserving a masterpiece—and making a profit.

The Cohen House, in Sarasota, Florida, could have easily been a teardown. Designed by Paul Rudolph in 1955, the 2,300-square-foot house—sited on a double waterfront lot on the barrier island of Siesta Key—is about half the size of newer homes nearby.

This shows what can be done when an owner is enlightened and has a sense of Sarasota's history and architectural legacy. We applaud Martie for her endeavors.

We only wish that the Sarasota School Board had some enlightenment and a similar sense of Sarasota's architectural legacy - maybe they would not have made the decision to replace Rudolph's Riverview High School buildings with a parking lot.

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Anonymous said...

What message are we sending our kids in school esp at Riverview when we replace a piece of Sarasota history with a two dimensional tarmac. That when your parents are old and wrinkled, you can do away with them? Where is the respect, where is the history or do we care about it. Just because it looks modern does not mean it has no archival conoctations. And the decision coming from the school superindentant of all people? Unbelievable. The school board owns acres of land it could build on without touching Rudolph(not that they haven't). Very short-sighted. And people pay their way to see a phalic of a leaning tower of Pisa. Bet you won't see a line-up if Pisa was all-glass. Looks like our society hasn't gone past the middle ages though we all could live a day without modern technology like cell phones. So why are we not embracing modernism consistently. Sad isnt the word, sick is.