Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Raising Awareness - Protecting Our Waterways

This past weekend the Hudson Bayou Neighborhood Association sponsored a neighborhood wide effort to mark all the stormwater drains that take water to Hudson Bayou or to Sarasota Bay.

Sarasota County’s NEST (Neighborhood Environmental Stewardship Team) approach helped with mapping locations of stormwater drains, provided identification signs and materials to attach the signs.
It is hoped that these signs will raise awareness that anything that goes into these drains will go directly to Hudson Bayou or Sarasota Bay. Pollutants and trash need to be kept away form these drains to protect the health of our waterways.

The pictures show Susan Chapman and the County NEST coordinator helping make area assignments; Joe Moraca getting some signs for his neighborhood; a Hudson Bayou neighbor fixing the sign to the storm drain, and finally the finished sign in place.

We hope other neighborhoods follow the example set by our Hudson Bayou neighbors.

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