Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Commuting Around Florida

From this month's issue of Florida Trend

City planners say that a healthy downtown depends on having a strong residential component along with the commercial center: Cities where high percentages of workers commute in from outside the city limits may look vibrant during the day but tend to resemble ghost towns at night.

The chart at right shows the percentage by which some city populations in Florida increase as a result of work-related commuting — in other words, how many people who work downtown live outside the city limits. In Orlando’s case, the city’s population almost doubles during the daytime, swelling by 131,501 commuters, an increase of more than 70%.

No wonder the traffic is so bad in the Ft Myers - Naples area. I wonder if we are headed higher or lower on the list. My guess is we are headed higher.

Also I wonder if our summers will still resemble a ghost town, despite all the condo construction in and near downtown.

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