Monday, February 20, 2006

Historic Homes Tour

The Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation will have its 16th annual Historic Homes Tour on Sunday, March 5. This year the tour will be a walking tour in Laurel Park.

The homes that are featured are:

Two apartments in Spanish Oaks Apartments at 1637 Oak street. This building is a 1920's Mediterranean Revival and has been historically designated.

The Jerome K. Martin House is at 1675 Oak Street. It is a circa 1931 bungalow that has been historically designated.

The Ella Dulla Westermann Tenant House is located at 1716 Oak Street. It is a 1920's bungalow that has been historically designated.

At 1841 Oak Street is a two-story Dutch Colonial. This home once owned by Judge Early.

At 642 Ohio Place is this 1920's bungalow.

The neighborhood invites you to bring a picnic to enjoy in the park on Laurel Street. Tables and chairs will be set up, and water will be available for purchase.

The Laurel Park Neighborhood Association is in the process of designating a portion of their neighborhood as a National Historic District.

Additional photos of these homes can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Dick , this is a wonderful posting! Janice

sarasota secret society said...


If you ever get tired of doing whatever it is you currently do, professional photography appears to be a very viable alternative.

Pictures like these add a very colorful and beautiful demension to the whole "downtown Sarasota development" debate.

Keep it up.