Monday, December 19, 2005

Save Our Sarasota

Today the Save Our Sarasota blogsite has reached the 10,000 page view mark.

We are pleased that many viewers find our postings interesting and stimulating.

Our mission remains the same: to be a constructive and positive voice for the preservation and enhancement of Sarasota. Our goals are to preserve, enhance, and promote:
  • Sarasota's uniqueness
  • Sarasota's ecological, cultural, and historic legacies and distinguished institutions
  • Urbanization that respects pedestrian scale and activities
  • Ecologically sensitive urban design
  • Economically responsible urban development
  • Integrity of public management
  • Current and new passive and active public places for human enjoyment, responsive to local characteristics (climate, vegetation, landscape, marinescape)
  • Affordable housing and necessary support amenities
  • Locally owned businesses and affordable commercial space
  • New businesses that respond to Sarasota's uniqueness and priorities.

We continue to pursue these goals and would invite all that are interested to join our e-mailing list by sending us a request.

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